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L-Carnitine – 90caps – IHS TECHNOLOGY – Bruleur de graise-seche

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L- Carnitine is recommending to anyone wanting to take care of his or her shape. L-Carnitine properties related to fat metabolism are well known, also plays an important role in hydrocarbons metabolism.

Strong correlation between L-Carnitine in muscles and Krebs cycle activity is evidenced. We all know that L-Carnitine increases use of free fatty acids as the source of muscle energy.

It has also anti-catabolic properties due it its role in controlling muscle glycogen- which is of significance for muscle endurance. In addition, L-carnitine participates in decreasing lactic acid concentration in exercising muscles, which delays exhaustion and increased supply of circulatory blood ensures better oxygen absorption and thus higher energy during workout. L-carnitine has also several other properties, important for each active person: stimulates ammonia elimination and its detoxification and strengthens immunological system with simultaneous enhancement of membrane stability during intense workout.

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